What Causes Hair Loss

Baldness Treatments Depend on What Causes Hair Loss

You may not believe this, but it`s a fact. Shedding some hair is but normal. This process of falling hair is the Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentterminal part of a growth cycle. For this reason, we shed from 50 to 100 hairs daily which are replaced by a new growth from the same hair follicle in the scalp. This hair regrowth takes some time to materialize, at approximately half an inch per month. But the good thing is, if all of our systems are normal, the body continuously replenishes whatever hair is shed, with about 90% of the scalp hair growing at any given time. What causes hair loss is anything which can affect the health of the hair follicles during the hair growth cycle.

Excessive falling hair can be traced to many factors which are best addressed through medical consultation and treatment. What causes hair loss in some cases is an underlying disease such as lupus or disorders of the thyroid. Without first treating or curing these conditions, the problem of abnormal hair fall will remain unsolved. Some medications prescribed for certain diseases, such as acne, gout, arthritis and psoriasis, have falling hair as one of their side-effects. The obvious solution here is to ask the doctor for an alternative medication to be prescribed. There are, however, instances when a patient would have to bear the baldness side-effect of medication or therapy. This holds true for those cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. These patients will have to cope with the baldness resulting from their therapy, wear a hat or a hairpiece, and wait for the treatment to end after which their hair will grow again.

An understanding of what causes hair loss and the appropriate solution can likewise be achieved by examining lifestyle habits. Smoking, in addition to its other deleterious effects, also contributes to abnormal hair fall. So is a sedentary lifestyle which hinders the efficient blood flow to the scalp, thereby resulting in some hair-related disorders. An improper diet is another root cause for excessive falling hair. The scalp and the hair follicles need a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals for hair growth.

Protein is a crucial nutrient that our body needs an ample supply of in order to prevent abnormal hair loss. Essentially, our hair is made of protein, so we need this nutrient to maintain normal hair growth. A diet rich in protein from fish, eggs, dairy products, and meat should therefore help in preventing baldness. Iron deficiency is likewise a factor to look out for on determining what causes hair loss. Through laboratory tests, iron deficiency can be determined and addressed through intake of iron-rich foods or taking food supplements.

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