Stop Balding

Stop Balding Early with the Right Solution

The best way to stop balding is to consult a doctor or a dermatologist as soon as you notice excessive Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentfalling of hair. For a benchmark, you should bear in mind that an average person loses about 5 to 100 hairs every day. This is a normal experience and a part of our hair growth cycle. Whatever hair that is shed will be replaced with a regrowth from the same hair follicle where the hair has fallen. Baldness becomes a threat when there is no hair regrowth, thinning of hair develops and bald patches become evident. This is when it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner.

The advice of a physician can definitely help a patient seeking some medical intervention to stop balding. To diagnose the probable cause of the excessive hair loss, a doctor is going to ask the kind of medicines that a patient may be taking. Certain types of medications can cause hair fall. These include those used for the treatment of gout, hypertension and certain heart conditions. Female patients will be asked about their menstrual period or if they are pregnant, factors that affect the women`s hair growth; the patients who are in their 50s likely to have excessive hair fall because of menopause.

A patient`s diet and lifestyle are likewise likely to be brought up when consulting a doctor on the right remedies to stop balding. A sedentary lifestyle will generally result in poor blood circulation which can adversely affect hair regrowth. The blood flow in this case does not deliver sufficient nutrients to the hair follicles, particularly protein, the material which our hair is made of. Therefore, a simple regimen of regular exercise can solve the problem of excessive hair loss. Following a program of daily workouts that are beneficial to the circulatory system will foster the efficient blood flow that is essential not only for a healthy scalp and hair follicles but also for the entire body as well.

A well-balanced diet should of course complement regular exercise. The body has to have an ample supply of the vitamins and minerals required to maintain the health of the scalp and the hair follicles. As mentioned earlier, protein is a critical nutrient that our body should have to help stop balding. Hence, a diet with the right amount of food stuff like meat, milk and eggs will contribute much to arresting excessive hair loss. A dramatic improvement in hair regrowth can also be achieved by a diet rich in vitamins B and C which can be sourced from fruits and vegetables.

A well-balanced diet, however, is oftentimes difficult to follow especially with the modern-day reliance on processed foods which essentially degrade the vitamins and minerals that would have been otherwise available. To help stop balding through proper nutrition, diet supplements have recently been developed. One of these hair loss solutions is Hair Again, a potent blend of herbal ingredients that foster health to the scalp and hair follicles. The link below will lead you to the hair-regrowth wonders of this blend of natural ingredients.