Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss Remedy

Interest in herbal medicine, the mankind`s oldest form of healthcare, has been growing in recent years Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentbecause of the many success stories on the use medicinal herbs. St. John Wort, for example, is now widely accepted as a viable alternative to the drug Prozac for the treatment of depression. When it comes to baldness, a common condition that affects almost half the population above 50 years old, it is saw palmetto for hair loss cure that has been drawing the most attention. It is from the extract from its fruit berries where saw palmetto draws its potency. These fruits are deep red in color and are produced by the long-lived saw palmetto which grows in abundance in some parts of Latin and North America.

Saw palmetto for hair loss treatment traces its origin from Native Americans who discovered some 200 years ago the many uses from the fruits of the palm tree. The Mayans drank the fruit`s extract as a tonic while the Seminoles had the berries from saw palmetto as a staple food and used it likewise as an antiseptic and expectorant. The Native American medicine men, in particular, gathered saw palmetto fruits to prepare herbal remedies for some disorders in the urinary and reproductive systems. Other uses include treatment of underdeveloped breasts, menstrual problems and infertility among women, and stimulating lactation in nursing mothers.

These precursors to saw palmetto for hair loss solution have been validated in some studies in more contemporary times. One practitioner of herbal medicine, H. W. Felter, noted that saw palmetto is a nutritive tonic and nerve sedative which is gentle to the digestive system. Felter likewise observed that this herbal solution produces its most profound effect on the disorders affecting the reproductive organs. As a result of such findings, saw palmetto has become the most accepted herbal cure for benign prostatic hyperplasia, a disorder of the prostate gland common among aging males. Recently, investigations have also been conducted in animal subjects on the possible use of saw palmetto in cancer treatment.

There are several mechanisms of action that make this herbal medicine a potent solution to many illnesses. The most important of these mechanisms is its ability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotesterone (DHT). A DHT surplus or imbalance can cause such disorders as enlarged prostate and baldness. For this reason, saw palmetto for hair loss cure has gained acceptance and popularity in alternative medicine. As an anti-baldness remedy, what it essentially does is prevent DHT from reaching the levels which would be harmful to the hair follicles in the scalp responsible for hair regrowth.

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