Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto Extract Finds its Place in Mainstream Cures

Have you ever heard of the plant called saw palmetto? It may not be as popular as more dominating flora Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentlike the coconut palm tree, but it`s just as remarkable. For one thing, it is a long-lived plant, reputedly able to survive between 500 and 700 years. Scientifically called Serenoa repens, this is one hardy plant for sure, owing perhaps to its slow-growing characteristic that likely contributes to the production of a potent saw palmetto extract.

This plant can be compared to a dwarf among other palms as it grows to a height of only about 2 to 4 meters or between three and six feet. However, what it lacks in height, this palm compensates in numbers, growing in dense thickets or clumps. It is native to some parts in the southeastern U.S., particularly in the coastal plains along the Atlantic and Gulf seaboard. This plant also thrives in inland areas where saw palmetto grows in abundance as undergrowth in pine or hardwood forests. With light-green and silvery white leaves, it produces red berries which some Native Americans have adopted as a staple in their diet. For centuries, saw palmetto extract has also been used by the Mayans and the Seminoles at their respective sides of the Americas as a herbal cure or treatment for several maladies.

Studies in more contemporary times have shown that the saw palmetto fruits are very rich in phytosterols and fatty acids. This is probably the reason why the highly enriched saw palmetto extract has been used in traditional herbal medicine by the Native Americans. The aboriginal Americans found use in the extract as an appetite stimulant and tonic for those recovering from diseases or illnesses. They also used the extract as an antiseptic, an expectorant and a cure for a variety of disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems. For women, the early uses include stimulating lactation and development of the breasts, relieving menstrual pains and promoting fertility.

Of late, studies on experimental animals have been conducted on the possibility of using saw palmetto extract for the treatment of cancer and tumors. Although these studies have yet to reach human trials, the extract is now already in popular use as a herbal remedy for the treatment of some prostate disorders. Its efficacy has been validated by some research studies suggesting that the human body can very well tolerate the extract, resulting in appreciable improvements in urinary system conditions.

The potency of saw palmetto extract has also harnessed for other uses in recent years. The extract is increasingly being recognized as a remedy for baldness, a curative approach espoused by the health supplement Hair Again. What is exciting about the tack of this anti-hair loss solution is that it has successfully combined the extract with other herbal ingredients, such as ginkgo biloba, nettle and ginseng roots. This was made possible through meticulous refining and processing in Hair Again`s modern laboratories. Click on the link below for the website of this product to learn more about how some traditional herbal ingredients have become part of today`s mainstream cures.