Hair Loss Treatment

The Quicker Route to Hair Loss Treatment

Baldness can cause some psychological problems. Thinning hair, after all, signals the aging process whichGet the effective herbal hair loss treatment to many can be unsettling, leading even to some sort of identity crisis. Many would want to cling to their youth for as long as they can. Maintaining a luxuriant hair growth for some can even be an obsession so much so that hair loss treatment will have to sought at all costs, even at the expense of experiencing some pain or discomfort. The demand for baldness cures is substantial as it has been estimated that some 25% of males start to go bald in their 30s. As a result, many businesses have flourished by selling baldness prevention medication or providing some hair-augmentation procedures.

One procedure that has been gaining some consumer acceptance in recent years is hair transplantation. This operation calls for the relocation or transplanting bald-resistant hair follicles sourced from the sides and back of the ahead. The hair from these donor areas are then transplanted to the patient`s thinning or bald scalp. This procedure produces permanent results as the follicles that have been transplanted will generally grow hair good for one`s lifetime. This of course assumes that the harvested and transplanted hair follicles are resistant genetically from going bald, meaning that they are not likely to be affected by a rise in DHT hormone levels which triggers thinning hair. The caveat in this hair loss treatment procedure is that its appreciable effects can be felt only after some period. This is so because sufficient time will be needed to grow the 1 to 4 hairs of each follicular unit transplanted to the bald spot which will eventually achieve a natural appearance as whatever hair that has been lost will mimicked strand for strand naturally. A faster and more direct intervention for some baldness cases is scalp reduction. Here, the skin of the balding area undergoes surgical excision, the left over skin pulled close and sutured.

Less inconvenient and less painful would be either to apply topical medication or to take oral drugs for hair loss treatment. For topical applications, minoxidil is one alternative that can be readily availed of. No doctor`s prescription is needed to buy this medicine from a drug store. For this baldness solution to take its effect, the medication has to be applied directly to the bald spot either through a spraying or massaging the balding scalp. Also to be effective, the solution needs to stay on the applied area only after which it can be washed out. Minoxidil can likewise be most effective only when there is a smaller area of hair loss and is ideal for use by the relatively younger, balding men below 40 years of age.

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