Hair Loss Prevention

Best Hair Loss Prevention Methods

A basic understanding of our hair is and how it gross is one best ways to approach this issue on hair loss prevention. Our hair is made up of proteins and is our fastest growing body tissue. Three layers make up each hair strand: medulla, the inner layer present only in thick hairs; cortex or middle layer which gives the color, texture and strength; and the cuticle protecting the cortex.

In order to maintain hair growth, it is essential that we take good care of our body and our scalp in particular which needs the proper nourishment like any other part of our system. It could be as simple as that, and no other treatment or therapy may be necessary. This is if nutrients from the bloodstream are amply and regularly fed to the follicles enclosing the roots of our hair embedded in a skin layer called dermal papilla. The part of the hair which is visible to the human eye is actually dead tissue, and only the hair roots are alive. The really effective hair growth treatments therefore should address the hair roots and not the hair strands which are beyond healing as these are already dead tissues.

In short, an effective hair loss prevention method basically needs to address nourishment of the scalp and not the hair itself. So, it would be wise to dismiss any claim that a certain product can treat and nourish visible hair. This is baloney pure and simple; buying such product is not only a waste of some hard-earned money. It is a fact that many products flaunting false advertising claims can cause dangerous side-effects.

The truly effective and safe hair loss prevention products are those that address our scalp and the hair follicles plus the factors that affect their overall condition and wellness. For instance, hair follicles can shrink because of the action of androgen hormones. This condition will result in thinning of the hair and eventually, hair loss. Some of the popular hair regrowth formulas available in the market today are focused on the hormonal factor that causes baldness. One of these products is the drug generically known as finasteride which is marketed under the brand name Propecia by Merck & Company Inc. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved finasteride use for hair loss and possible re-growing of hair. This drug is an oral medication which is classified as an androgen hormone inhibitor, meaning that it works by blocking the production of the hormone DHT responsible for falling hair and baldness.

Another safe and effective way of hair loss prevention is proper nutrition which necessarily requires ample supply of protein our hair needs in order to grow. Maintaining a healthy diet is therefore an ideal way to help prevent baldness. There is a health supplement that specifically addresses the connection between nutrition and hair growth. Explore the link below for the website of Hair Again, a natural, herbal formulation containing several ingredients that have been successfully used for hundreds of years in treating baldness.