Hair Loss Men

The Hair Loss Men Need to Deal With

There is a certain type of hair loss men are unlikely to avoid. Women, in fact, cannot also avoid this Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentsituation which involves the regular shedding of hair as part of its growth cycle consisting of three phases: growth, resting period and falling out. Under normal conditions, this cycle is repeated approximately each year. During any given time, some 90% of our scalp hair is growing, while 10% would be at the resting period. Hair fall is experienced at the end of this phase. It is normal for us to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. As soon as a hair falls, it is replaced by another which grows from the sale follicle where the fallen hair came from. This new hair grows at approximately half an inch per month.

So there is no cause for much alarm with falling hair if it`s just part of the normal hair growth cycle. Generally, about half of the population will have experienced normal hair loss starting from the age 50. The hair loss men should be concerned with is excessive falling hair in a condition called male pattern baldness (MPB). This condition is usually characterized by a rapidly receding hairline which can progress until the entire crown area is bald and only thin hair remains at the sides. There are research studies which show that MPB is an inherited trait and therefore runs in the family. There is also a hypothesis that the condition is part of human evolution. The hair loss men had to bear, it was posited, is an indicator of social maturity and aging taking over the risk-taking and aggressive behavior of youth, leading to more nurturing behaviors of males.

Nowadays, MBP is a type of hair loss men can easily deal with, especially with that school of thought on baldness as a symbol of maturity and wisdom. A totally bald pate has become socially acceptable among males. For the greater male majority who still would want to maintain a healthy crop of hair, several convenient medications are now available to address MBP. One is minoxidil which is applied directly to the scalp on a regular basis to stem the excessive shedding of hair. An alternative drug is finasteride which is a pill taken orally.

The hair loss men experience can also be addressed through regular exercise, especially via a regimen of aerobic workouts. Such physical activity will contribute immensely to efficient blood flow to the scalp and the hair follicles responsible for hair growth. Corollary to this step of regular exercise is the adoption of a well-balanced diet that provides the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth such as protein, iron and vitamins A, B and C. Any deficiency from these hair nourishments can now be remedied through supplements like Hair Again, a product which can be accessed through the link below. This anti-baldness formula has woven its market success from a cocktail of extracts from saw palmetto, ginkgo biloga, ginseng and nettle roots, all of which are natural ingredients for nourishing the hair.