Hair Loss Cure

Is There a Worry-less Hair Loss Cure?

It`s simply amazing how much people can spend in such an apparently simple thing as a hair loss cure. InGet the effective herbal hair loss treatment one estimate, it was reckoned that some $1 billion a year is spent either to find a remedy for baldness or to purchase hair regrowth products. Treatments can vary from medications to surgical operations and some state-of-the art of gadgets. Each of these approaches has their own pluses and minuses. Some are even in their early stages of development and may yet take years to find their place in the market. But there`s no need to wait in order to find some safe and effective baldness treatments. Many baldness cures are now available, and the only concern is to pinpoint the most suitable solution to the problem of falling hair.

Logically, the leading candidates for hair loss cure are those products that have already been clinically tested. With these products, the side effects have already been studied, and the risk factor can be managed provided there is proper consultation with a medical practitioner. Minoxidil and finasteride are two drugs that have already been extensively tested, with both passing U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards. Minoxidil, a topical solution applied to the balding spot, can be safely used if its suggested method of application is strictly followed. The same is true for finasteride, an oral pill, which needs a doctor`s prescription that spells out the required dosage for the drug to be safe and effective. These drugs have been extensively used for years, and most consumers are by now well-informed of the pros and cons of using them as hair loss remedies.

Such popularity, however, does not necessarily mean that medicines are the hair loss cure products suitable for everyone. There are many cases when using drugs to help overcome baldness would be ill-advised. In addition to the side-effects of these drugs, combining their use with other medications can produce adverse reactions.

Less worrisome would be to check on the natural approaches that have been proven effective in preventing baldness. A regular exercise program, for example, has been shown as a contributory factor to hair regrowth. Working out regularly can inhibit the buildup in the body of a hormone called DHT which has been established as a factor contributing to hair loss. With exercise, blood circulation to the scalp is also stimulated, in the process providing the nutrients that enable the hair follicles to perform its function of replacing hairs that are shed regularly.

Providing the body with enough vitamins and minerals is another natural way of keeping the scalp and the hair follicles healthy. This is a simple but effective hair loss cure. There`s no need to take a pill or apply some topical treatment to the scalp and worry about potential side-effects. The essential nutrients for healthy hair can be supplied adequately through a well-balanced diet. Any deficiency can easily be filled through natural hair regrowth supplements which are readily available from online sources. For a sampling, check out the website of Hair Again, a food supplement containing several herbal ingredients tested as hair regrowth agents.