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Hair Growth Minus the Side Effects

Bald can be beautiful, it is true. Male celebrities who have enjoyed their fame with a shaved pate include the iconic Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and the late actors Yul Bryner and Telly Savalas. On the distaff side, the females who at one time or another had shaved heads were in the mold of Demi Moore for her GI Jane role, Sinead O` Connor, Britney Spears and Persis Khambata. For the ordinary Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane, however, going bald maybe a fashion statement that only works for the rich and famous; it`s just a too bold a step to take. Ordinary folks with hair growth problems are more wont to seek solutions to their baldness rather than grin, bear it and go totally bald. To most, owning a luxuriant hair implies youth and vitality, and for females in particular, it is one medium by which to express themselves and their fashion.

Hence, the “battle of the bald” still would be one of the most pressing concerns for a substantial proportion of the populace. For males alone, it was estimated that about 25% would be experiencing hair thinning starting from their 30s with the most common cause as genetic. Other forms of baldness are traced to use of some specific type of medicine or forms of therapy, discontinued usage or treatment of which will of course arrest the balding pattern. There is no escaping the baldness concern, however, if the cause is genetic which is generally brought about by the growth in the levels of the hormone called DHT which can also have adverse effects on the male prostate glands. The exact mechanism of action by which DHT levels affect hair growth has yet to be fully established. What is now known is that DHT build-up in genetically bald-prone individuals causes follicular miniaturization wherein the hair shaft decreases progressively resulting eventually into progressive baldness.

Many hair growth solutions have already been developed to address the genetic causes of baldness. One popular method is through topical treatment using the drug minoxidil which is applied to the scalp; this medicine, marketed under the trade names Regaine and Rogaine, needs no prescription and can be bought over the counter. This medication which also comes in oral form was found effective in as much as 51% of subjects in a 48-week study. Minoxidil, however, is known to cause some side effects, such as itching of the scalp if topically applied and some allergic reactions if taken orally.

Those who want a safer but effective hair growth formula often opt for the herbal medication that foster hair growth and prevent baldness. A popular choice among consumers is Hair Gain, available in the market through the link that can be found at the bottom of this page. Like minoxidil, this product can also be bought without prescription but minus the side effects. Hair Gain contains natural ingredients, such as saw palmetto extract that has been in use for hundreds of years to treat baldness, among other disorders.