How can propecia cause men to lose interest in alcohol?

Propecia is the brand name for Finasteride. Propecia is given to people to help them battle their baldness. However, this has another effect and that is, when Propecia is consumed, the person loses interest in alcohol and starts drinking less and less as the days go by.

There are side effects to this hair regrowth drug Propecia. These side effects include reduced sex drive, suicidal thoughts as well as depression. These people who have the sexual side effects also have a reduced interest in alcohol as per researchers. Even when Propecia was stopped, almost two-thirds of the men drank less than what they would before they took Propecia. The reason why it has this effect is not known but it is attributed to the alteration of the brain chemistry.

Does the drug really have the potential to reduce the tendency to consume alcohol?

Propecia interferes with the ability of the brain to make hormones called neurosteroids. These neurosteroids are linked to alcohol consumption.

As per the study conducted on a group of men of different age groups belonging to different backgrounds, the answers were surprising, when they were asked about the alcohol consumption of a period five years prior to taking Propecia. They were also social drinkers and not problem drinkers. The crude assessment was done on the number of drinks consumed and it also did not mention if the men knew the purpose of the study or how the men were selected. Once the study was conducted, the alcohol consumptions were noted. However, there are certain flaws in this study.

The fact is that the men would not accurately remember how much their drinking consumption 5 years ago was. Also, it is possible that their consumption naturally decreased with age. The third is that they were not problem drinkers and so it is not conclusive proof. However, during the course of therapy with Propecia, the decreased libido, impotence, as well as decreased consumption in alcohol continued to exist. The sexual side effects of Propecia lasted for a period even three months after the drug was stopped.

A more reliable way of going through the Propecia study would be to take a group of people who kept an alcohol diary before starting the drug. There should also be a comparison group of people who are not taking the drug. This way the approach would be more reliable and one could conclude with certainty that Propecia does have an effect on alcohol consumption.

Propecia and alcohol

alcohol with propeciaAlcohol and Propecia has no potential interaction. As per the Propecia manufacturer the effects of alcohol on Propecia is not mentioned nor are there specific instructions or recommendations with regards to the use. There should be further work done and further studies conducted for the speculation to be ascertained. This research study could only work as a guide or a pre-study but cannot be considered as proof for the decreased alcohol consumption potential that Propecia might have. Consult with the physician before purchasing online pharmacy Propecia to avoid drug interactions.