Choosing the Right Baldness Cure

Some people aren`t too concerned of going bald at all. Many even see baldness as a projection of their Get the effective herbal hair loss treatmentpersonality or as a fashion statement. There are others who also believe that a bald pate is a sign of male virility which may have some factual basis. Some studies show that hair loss is caused by the sex hormone DHT which can adversely hair growth particularly on the head. A totally bald pate therefore can be sexy for some males as exemplified by some celebrities like Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Telly Savalas and Yul Bryner. Arguably, the same goes for other famous female personalities, such as Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Snead O`Connor, who have flaunted shaved heads.

Despite such positive viewpoints on baldness, most people with receding hairlines are inclined to seek treatment for their condition. This would be especially so when the balding occurs in irregular, unsightly patches. The common alternative here is either to boldly go forward and have regular head shave or undergo some form of therapy treatment. Females, of course, would not be inclined to go bald as hair is one the expressions of their femininity. At the same time not all males have the stature or personality that will enable them to carry a bald pate that well. Doing so would carry the risk of being the brunt of jokes among friends and relatives. For many people, therefore, the more likely option is to seek the right solution to the problem of falling hair.

One ideal way to go about the treatment of baldness is through drug therapy. Managing hair loss through medications has increasingly become a realistic option since the 1980s. The drug solutions currently available to prevent falling hair and stimulate regrowth have been multiplying in number. Today, one estimate showed that some $1 billion in sales are generated by these products. Some are effective while others are not and may even be unsafe for use. Consumers have to be wary of which cure to choose and should only consider those which have marketing approval by health authorities like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the U.S., the FDA has only two approved medications for balding conditions associated with the action of the hormone DHT. These two drugs are finasteride and minoxidil.

Consumers should look for the brands Rogaine or Regaine if what they prefer is minoxidil which is a topical solution applied to the balding part of the head regularly as per instructions on the product label. The side-effects of this drug have also to be considered as it can cause such allergic reactions as swelling when used improperly. There`s no need for a doctor`s prescription for this medication so it is up to the consumer to take precaution by reading carefully its label. The baldness drug that needs a doctor`s prescription is finasteride, an oral formula sold as Propecia or Proscar. This drug has been proven effective but is not recommended for pregnant women or those who are expecting because it can cause birth defects, in addition to other side effects. For a cure that is totally safe, take the link below this page. It leads to the website of Hair Again, a natural supplement that contains a cocktail of herbal ingredients against baldness.