Hair Loss Treatment with Propecia and Saw Palmetto

Baldness is a common problem. It is estimated that about one-fourth of the male population start to experience hair loss by the age of 30. In some cases, receding hairlines begin as early as the late teens. The genetic factor is the most common cause of baldness, essentially meaning that this condition is inherited. Some medical therapies, like chemotherapy used in the treatment of cancer, can also result in sudden hair loss. For obvious reasons, a cancer patient would have to bear the baldness as a side-effect of chemotherapy. Others, particularly those with inherited baldness, though are wont to seek a solution to their problem. Among the possible solutions is an intake of either a medicine like Propecia, which can be easily purchased by paying a visit to renowned mail order pharmacies to get hold of high-quality pills at a cheap price or a health supplement such as a saw palmetto treatment formulation.

Commonly prescribed medications for hair loss 

Two types of medicines are generally prescribed for inherited alopecia, a condition described medically as androgenetic alopecia. One is called minoxidil which can be purchased over the counter and requires no prescription from a doctor. This medication is a topical solution, requiring its direct application over the scalp either by spraying and/or by rubbing two times a day. Another medicine is Propecia, a pill which needs a medical prescription. Its usual dosage is once a day, but it is not prescribed for women. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Propecia for hair loss for men only because it has not been proven effective for baldness in women. Pregnant women or those who are likely to be impregnated are cautioned not only against intake of this drug but also from mere handling was broken or crushed Propecia pills, because this type of medicine can bring about defects to an unborn child. Women with hair fall problems should, therefore, seek other solutions like herbal-based treatments that also work for men such as some saw palmetto hair loss cures.

Get Propecia Online to treat Pattern hair loss

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Natural Hair Loss treatment with Saw Palmetto

Many herb-based health supplements use extracts from the berries of the wild palm tree saw palmetto as their active ingredients. These wild palms abound in warmer climates, particularly in the southeastern U.S. They produce deep red fruits from which the natural ingredients of saw palmetto hair loss solutions are extracted. Traditionally, these herbal extracts have been in common use for the improvement of scalp and skin health. The Native Americans were the first known users of these extracts, using them as a lotion for skin, scalp and hair care. The early benefits experienced for saw palmetto were improved strength to the hair and scalp protection from common irritations.

Because of these pronounced benefits, saw palmetto hair loss therapies have become popular as natural cures for baldness lately. Among these herb-based formulas that have gained consumer attention recently is Hair Again, available through the link below this page. Promoted for balding men and women, this product works both as a preventive hair-loss remedy and as a solution for baldness. As an all-natural health supplement, it can be ordered online without prescription and is guaranteed to be 100% safe, free from the side effects that are associated with other formula in the market.

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